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First of all, warm and serious attitude To be a qualified customer service staff, only if you love this career can you devote yourself to it, so this is a prerequisite for a qualified customer service staff. Second, skilled business knowledge You should have good business knowledge and study hard. Only by mastering all aspects of business knowledge can we accurately provide users with services such as business inquiry, business handling, complaints and suggestions. Let customers achieve better satisfaction in the services they should have. Third, patiently answer questions The core of a qualified customer service staff is the attitude towards customers. In the process of work, we should keep a warm and sincere working attitude. While doing a good job of explanation, we should be gentle in tone and not arrogant. If we encounter problems that customers don't understand or are difficult to explain, we should be patient. We can't do it again and again until customers are satisfied, and always keep the promise of "putting a smile into the voice and bringing sincerity to customers". In this way, we can better make ourselves keep forging ahead. IV. Reasonable communication and coordination Communication ability, especially effective communication ability, is a basic quality that a customer service worker should have. Customer service is the work of dealing with customers. Listening to customers, understanding customers, enlightening customers and guiding customers are the basic skills when we communicate with customers. Only by knowing what services and help customers need and where customers complain and are dissatisfied can we find out the problems existing in our company, prescribe the right medicine and solve customer problems. 1. Psychological quality requirements (1) to have the "resilience". The so-called resilience refers to the ability to deal with some unexpected events effectively. As a customer service person, you face different customers every day, and many times customers will bring you some real challenges. For example, customer service personnel working in hotels, retail stores and call centers may encounter some challenging situations. Sometimes you will meet some unreasonable customers to quarrel. At this time, what should you do as a customer service staff? Some young customer service staff may be scared to cry at once. I've never seen this before. Why are customers so unreasonable? Call the police quickly! Make a phone call! And some very experienced customer service personnel can handle this kind of things safely. This requires the customer service staff to be prepared with a certain strain. Especially when dealing with some customers' vicious complaints, be calm. (2) Be able to withstand setbacks. What kind of setbacks and blows are customer service personnel likely to suffer? For example, will you be misunderstood by customers? This is the case with Lenovo's customer service staff, who need to come to the customer to solve the problem. Due to the paralysis of the whole computer, all the manuscripts written by a writer in the computer for one year are gone at once. This problem may not be that of Lenovo, but it may be that this writer received a virus when he opened his E-mail. But this machine still has to be repaired by Lenovo, so what will happen to the customer after the customer service staff comes? Will you be angry at the customer service staff? Because the customer has been hit too hard, it is necessary to have an outlet. And many customer service personnel, every day, have to face all kinds of misunderstandings and even abuse from customers, so you need to be able to bear it. What's more, customers go beyond the customer service staff and complain directly to their superiors. Some complaints may be exaggerated. Originally, the customer service staff didn't do so badly, but when they got to the customer's mouth, their work became so bad that they should be fired immediately. Then, as your supervisor, I will talk to you after the customer leaves. Therefore, you need the ability to withstand setbacks and blows.
Contact person:Zora Zhou
Address:Electronic Science and Technology Building, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
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