Welcome to the official website of ShengHuaYuan by co., Limited

ShengHuaYuan by co., limited is a professional distributor and resellers of electronic components,providing comprehensive supply chain solutions to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide.
What we sell: Integrated circuit, the main chip IC, military grade IC, industrial IC, IC for civil use,and the passive components, capacitors, resistors, inductor, tantalum capacitors, memory, microcontroller,
connector, fuse, diode, trdiode, transistor and expensive module electronic components .
When you work with ShengHuaYuan by co., limited, you’re working with a full-service supplier. We are focused on supporting customers throughout the complete supply chain life-cycle.We are also the worldwide distributor of obsolete, discontinued, end-of-life Industrial electronic components. What is more ,we have wide access to many other sources that could help you find what you need. We will supply you the cheapest parts and highest quality within the least time !
We sincerely hope to cooperate with you to win the market and create a better future!

Contact person:Zora Zhou
Address:Electronic Science and Technology Building, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
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