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Listen patiently. Listen patiently to what the customer says from beginning to end. Generally, if people hear each other repeating the topic, they all want to stop each other, so they say, "I Discuss with many customers. Know ",don't want to let the other side say more. But please listen patiently to these repeated words as an important link. Listen to the truth In the process of talking with customers or in the process of understanding and discussing countermeasures, you should pay attention to listen carefully, listen to what the customers really mean, and see if they have any dissatisfaction or complaints. If the customer you meet may not express himself very well, or he may stutter in his speech, but you must be patient and let the customer speak out his questions and listen to his true meaning. It's important to say what you can't say or dare not say. Guide customers to give countermeasures. If there is really no way to solve the vehicle problem, you can also ask the customer to help you come up with countermeasures. When you serve customers with your heart and care for them with your heart, customers will thank you and give bigger and better feedback, and come up with the best solution to your troubles. Establish corporate image through service. Today, with the increasing homogenization of products, after-sales service, as a part of marketing, has become an important territory for manufacturers and businesses to compete for consumers' minds. Good after-sales service is the best promotion before the next sale, the main way to improve consumers' satisfaction and loyalty, and an important way to establish corporate reputation and spread corporate image. Improve customer satisfaction After-sales service, as a requirement put forward by customers, is directly proportional to the customer's satisfaction. After-sales service is well done, and if the customer's requirements can be met, the customer's satisfaction will naturally be continuously improved; On the contrary, if the after-sales service is not done well or not, the customer's satisfaction will be reduced, and even extreme dissatisfaction will occur. After being satisfied, customers usually continue to buy their own satisfied products and spread them by positive means such as word-of-mouth publicity, which plays a powerful role in improving the market share of products and the reputation of brands. If the customer is dissatisfied with the service, according to the empirical research results, 96% of the consumers will not complain if the service is not considerate, but 90% of the dissatisfied consumers won't buy the company's products and services again, or tell their experiences to at least 9 other people, and 13% of the consumers who have had unsatisfactory experiences will tell their experiences to more than 20 people.
Contact person:Zora Zhou
Address:Electronic Science and Technology Building, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
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